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A new talent resourcing platform changing the way you recruit

Want to cut out the middleman to save time, money and connect directly with available IT professionals right now?

Find exactly who you are looking for, assemble or scale your team quickly and simply connect with available IT candidates through the Talent Toute for business platform.

Talent Resourcing Platform

Why add Talent Toute to your resourcing toolkit?

Talent Toute Verification

Find high calibre IT Heroes

We attract IT Contractors, Consultants and fixed term employees, from IT leadership to experts in IT Engineering, AI and Development. With access to our business platform you can search and filter candidates by their availability and rates, as well as industry skills and qualifications. 

For added reassurance, candidates can also choose to get their profile Talent Toute verified by our team who have over 20 years of recruitment experience in reviewing and validating credentials. 

One-off cost from as little as £93* per connection

Browse for free or purchase connections to use with one of our reasonably priced packages. You can easily upgrade within your account to get more connections to use as and when needed.

*Whilst offer is valid

Talent Toute Chat

Chat with potential IT candidates within minutes

Banish the frustrations of working through an agency or save the time you spend CV mining numerous job boards yourself, and use our platform to connect and chat directly with IT candidates quickly and without fuss.

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