How it works

Talent Toute is a digital matching tool, connecting employers with candidates actively looking for work.  Enabling direct messaging between candidates and employers.  Making the journey to hire simple and fast.


Employers looking to save time and money

Step 1 | Choose a package

Select a package to get your Business registered with an account to gain instant access to the Talent Toute business platform and start searching for IT Professionals to connect with.

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Step 2 | Start searching

Search and create a shortlist of your potential IT Heroes. Once you have a login you can create Projects to pin saved candidates against until you decide you are ready to take the next step…

Step 3 | Connect, chat and hire

Click to connect with the IT Professionals that you’d like to chat with and discuss opportunities. What happens from there, is up to both of you.

IT Professionals looking for a change

Step 1 | Download the app

Find us on Apple and Google Play Stores and download the Talent Toute App for free.

Step 2 | Create a profile

Add your preferences, skills and qualifications. Build out a profile that will showcase your expertise to Businesses searching for IT Professionals like you. 

Step 3 | Elevate your chance of hire

Update your Availability weekly. We’ll nudge you to check that your profile is up to date so that Businesses are always looking at the most accurate information about you

Request Verification to increase your chances of Hire by requesting a verification check from us, we’ll be in touch to request documents and proof of right to work.

Contact us with questions about Pricing or How it Works with Talent Toute

Need to know more?

If you have any questions about Talent Toute or just want to say hi, we’d be happy to hear from you and help where we can.